Painting en plein air allows me to leave the interior space for the living world outside.
The outdoors literally becomes my studio — a place for visual meditations.

“Witness the Magic that is our world.” – Ansel Adams

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Sunset in Winter

Flat Creek 2

Snowed In

Green Hill

Sea Pines Preserve

Mills River

Beach Palms

Mountain View Mills River

Flat Creek

Mermaid Rising

French Broad River Autumn

Bass Pond Autumn

Autumn Gold

Above Beaver Lake


French Broad

Lagoon in Spring

Among the Poppies

Oil on Canvas | 12×18″

Sandy Mush Farm

Farmhouse Burnsville

The Road Home

Road to the Light


House on Monteray Square

Above Haw Creek Valley

Looking East

Here and There on See Off Mountain

Mountain View in Spring

Tropical Beach

HER with Orbs

Sunset Over the Blue Ridge